2017 ESA Mid-Atlantic Regionals

May 14, 2017 • East Coast Contests

The Eastern Surfing Association held the 2017 ESA Mid-Atlantic Regionals this past weekend in perfect waves at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head, North Carolina. A massive frontal storm system moved through the area on Friday and provided excellent surf for the entire weekend.

Photo: Jordan Nason

“Everyone along the East Coast knows that the Outer Banks has the most consistent surf, so it’s the best place the hold a surfing event,” said Michelle Sommers, ESA’s executive director. “Unfortunately, it also gives us the worst weather along with the great waves. Our competitors agree that it’s always worth dealing with the unexpected conditions that we seem to get every time we are in the Outer Banks.”

The stuff that surf contest dreams are made of. Photo: Jordan Nason

The adults persevered on Friday through multiple delays and were rewarded with head-high waves. Kai Dilling took home the Adult Iron Man Award for placing 1st in Masters Longboard and two 2nd-place finishes in Senior Men Shortboard and the SUP divisions. Outer Banks’ own Leanne Robinson won the Women’s Division while David Taylor took first in the Unsinkable Polarized Men’s Division.

Virginia Beach’s Blayr Barton. Photo: Jordan Nason

ESA Jr. All-Star Blayr Barton from Virginia Beach won the Junior Iron Man Award for his effort in multiple divisions, including wins in both the Boys U14 and Boys U16. “I’m so stoked to win my first (ESA) regional title in Boys U14 & Boys U16!” Barton exclaimed on social media. Barton also placed 2nd in Menehune Longboard U14 and 4th in GoPro Open Shortboard.

Blayr won Boys U14 and Boys U16 and finished 4th in GoPro Open Shortboard and 2nd in Menehune Longboard. Photo: Jordan Nason

Ted Eberhart, another ESA All-Star, claimed the event’s Hot Wave Award by pulling into a 10.00 barrel on Saturday during his GoPro Open Shortboard semi heat. “I paddled into the wave thinking of turns, but halfway through the drop, I saw it was going to throw over so I grabbed my rail and sat down,” Eberhart said.

Ted Eberhart about to emerge from his perfect 10 barrel. Photo: John Wright

The replay of this wave is available for those who may have missed it live. Eberhart also took 1st in the Junior Men U18 division.

Ted Eberhart celebrating his Junior Men’s U18 victory. Photo: Jordan Nason

Barton and Eberhart put up quite a battle, but Dylon Weeks took 1st-place in the GoPro Open Division. Weeks narrowly beat Barton’s brother, Kai, who came in 2nd after an intense final between the two. Outer Banks’ local Nohea Futrell followed in 3rd, with Blayr Barton in 4th, Eberhart in 5th and Chase Koch in 6th.

Dylon Weeks, GoPro Open Shortboard champion for the 2017 ESA Mid-Atlantic Regionals. Photo: Jordan Nason

“After coming up short so many times, winning the GoPro Open Division felt amazing!” said Weeks. He also won the Sportsmanship Award for chairing up his competitors who won 1st in other divisions. “Winning the sportsmanship award meant a lot to me. Being able to chair up a few of my friends and share that moment with them was truly unforgettable.”

Dylon Weeks also won the Sportsmanship Award for the weekend. Photo: Jordan Nason

Another Virginia Beach competitor and ESA Jr. All-Star, Rachel Wilson won 1st in both Girls U16 and Girls U14 and took 4th in Junior Women U18.

VB’s Rachel Wilson, who won 1st in Girls U14 and Girls U16. Photo: Jordan Nason

Wilson said, “This was my third regionals and I have been working very hard to improve my surfing ability. Special thanks to my family who have been there for me every step of the way, and to all of my sponsors for their support.”

Rachel Wilson, stoked on her two victories. Photo: Jordan Nason

Before the youth finals on Sunday, the ESA held a memorial paddle-out for Mickey McCarthy, who was the organization’s official photographer and passed away suddenly in December 2016.

Prepping for Mickey McCarthy’s memorial paddle-out. Photo: Jordan Nason

“Mickey meant so much to everyone in the ESA, and not having him on the beach with us this year has been difficult for the ESA family,” Sommers said. “It was nice to bring everyone together to remember the special person that Mickey was.”

The paddle-out in action. Photo: Jordan Nason

And the paddle-out from above. Photo: Shoots Media

Finalists in all adult and youth divisions received ESA 50th commemorative awards printed by Plak That Printing Co. with photos of waves from the Mid-Atlantic region provided by Jordan Nason Photography and Matt Landon Photography. Sharkbanz, Phunky Apparel, OluKai, Chums, Surfco Hawaii, and Unsinkable Polarized offered prizes for the finalists. There was plenty of Sticky Bumps surf wax for all the competitors throughout the event.

Youth division winners with their awesome trophies donated by Jordan Nason Photography and Matt Landon Photography. Photo: Jordan Nason

Day 1 recap – https://vimeo.com/217086626

Day 2 recap – https://vimeo.com/217086370

Day 3 recap – https://vimeo.com/216607966

Mickey McCarthy’s paddle-out video can be viewed here. 

The ESA’s 2017 Northeast Regional Championship will be held in Belmar, New Jersey, on May 19th-21st. The ESA wants to thank all of its sponsors for the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Surfing Championships:

  • Outer Banks Visitors Bureau
  • Shoots-Media Inc.
  • Sharkbanz
  • Phunky
  • Sun Realty
  • Jennette’s Pier
  • Town of Nags Head
  • Unsinkable Polarized
  • Pepsi
  • GoPro
  • Rip Curl
  • OluKai
  • Surfer
  • Chums
  • Sticky Bumps
  • Surfco Hawaii
  • Jordan Nason Photography
  • Matt Landon Photography
  • Café Lachine
  • Waveriders Coffee & Deli
  • Ocean Atlantic Rentals
  • Carolina Brewery
  • Leonik Engineering
  • Media in Motion
  • Tara Mosley Graphic Design
  • Plak That Printing Co.
  • Harrington Graphic & Screenprinting
  • Anchor Scaffolding & Ladder Company
  • Outer Banks Brewing Station
  • TW’s Tackle & Bait
  • OBX Live
  • Pamlico Jack’s 

The ESA, which is celebrating its 50th year in 2017, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit amateur athletic organization dedicated to the sport of amateur surfing. The organization promotes amateur competition for surfers of all ages and abilities, and is dedicated to the establishment and preservation of free access to a clean shoreline and ocean environment.


1. Dylon Weeks SNC
2. Kai Barton VA
3. Nohea Futrell VA
4. Blayr Barton VA
5. Ted Eberhart VA
6. Chase Koch

3rd-place GoPro Open Shortboard finisher Nohea Futrell, slashing on home turf. Photo: Jordan Nason

MENEHUNE U12 (M/F, 11 & under)
1. Owen Carter SNC
2. Charles Oblinger SNC
3. Kendrick Remahl SNC
4. Miles McCall OBNC
5. Kai Nau SNC
6. Palladin Pelliccia NSC

Menehune champion Owen Carter. Photo: Jordan Nason

The first of many carry-ups for Owen Carter. Photo: Jordan Nason

Menehune runner-up Charles Oblinger. Photo: Jordan Nason

BOYS U14 (13 & under)
1. Blayr Barton VA
2. Alexander Harris SNC
3. Stefan Turko OBNC
4. Kanoa Wong VA
5. Kindrick Remahl SNC
6. Palladin Pelliccia NSC

Photo: Jordan Nason

BOYS U16 (15 & under)
1. Blayr Barton VA
2. Dylon Weeks SNC
3. Robby Pinzhoffer DMV
4. McHenry Jackson SSC
5. Alexander Harris SNC
6. Kanoa Wong VA

JUNIOR MENS U18 (17 & under)
1. Ted Eberhart VA
2. Kai Barton VA
3. Trevor Francis SNC
4. Jesse Heter SNC
5. Cory Jackson SSC
6. Sean Brennan SNC

3rd-place Junior Men’s U18 finisher Trevor Francis. Photo: Jordan Nason

GIRLS U14 (13 & under)
1. Rachel Wilson VA
2. Bree Labiak NSC
3. Gabby Viorel SNC
4. Katelyn Sewell SNC
5. Olivia Wendel NSC
6. Sylvia Windham SSC

Photo: Jordan Nason

GIRLS U16 (15 & under)
1. Rachel Wilson VA
2. Leah Thompson SNC
3. Katelyn Sewell SNC
4. Bree Labiak NSC
5. Olivia Wendel NSC
6. Kelsey Hansen SSC

1st-place Junior Women’s U18 and 2nd-place Girls U16 finisher Leah Thompson. Photo: Jordan Nason

JUNIOR WOMENS U18 (17 & under)
1. Leah Thompson SNC
2. Kat Neff SNC
3. Callie Summerlin SNC
4. Rachel Wilson VA
5. Lily Brooks VA
6. Bree Labiak NSC

MENEHUNE LONGBOARD U14 (M/F, 13 & under)
1. Dakota Cottle CNC
2. Blayr Barton VA
3. Scott Pieno VA
4. Katelyn Sewell SNC
5. Kai Nau SNC
6. Dorian Costa VA

Junior Longboard champ Kevin Penn. Photo: Jordan Nason

Kevin Penn, color coordination (and smooth style) for the win. Photo: Jordan Nason

JUNIOR LONGBOARD U18 (17 & under)
1. Kevin Penn SNC
2. Nick Copenhaver VA
3. Brody Lewis VA
4. Trip Chandler NSC
5. Hartley DePass SSC
6. Noah Ferrell SNC

Junior Men’s Longboard runner-up Nick Copenhaver. Photo: Jordan Nason

1. Kat Neff SNC
2. Callie Summerlin SNC
3. Elsa Quillen DMV
4. Olivia Dilling SSC
5. Gabby Viorel SNC
6. Carly Carter SNC

Don’t worry, grom — there’s always Easterns in September. Photo: Jordan Nason

1. Kai Nau SNC
2. Mako Musilunas NSC
3. Noah Harrell SNC
4. Ben Allen SSC
5. William Robinson OBNC
6. Jasper Millis SSC

OPEN SUP (M/F, all ages)
1. Brycen Jernigan SNC
2. Kai Dilling SSC
3. Hartley DePass SSC
4. Robert Peters OBNC
5. Betsy Lewis CNC

2017 esa mid-atlantic regionals

Another color-coordinated longboard competitor, Colin Shovlin. Photo: Jordan Nason

1. David Taylor
2. Peyton Weist
3. Chase Koch
4. Sean Deloach
5. Mark Donohue
6. Nick Parker

MASTERS (30-39)
1. Tyler Volpe
2. Josh Bradley
3. Eric Knight
4. Sean Rice

South Carolina’s Todd Youngblood banks one off the top for his Senior Men’s division win. Photo: Jordan Nason

1. Todd Youngblood
2. Kai Dilling
3. Jason Breiholz
4. Perry Creet
5. Drew Rathgeber
6. Scot Goodman

LEGENDS (50 & over)
1. Joseph Gillen
2. Craig Newkirk
3. Ray Harris
4. Brian Macon
5. Bryce Francis
6. Daniel Thompson

GRAND LEGENDS (M/F, 60 & over)
1. Tim Nixon
2. Norman Godley
3. Archibald Morse
4. Roger Smith
5. Wes Whitt
6. David Sledge

WOMENS (18-34)
1. Leanne Robinson
2. Samantha Newkirk
3. Rhiannon Scarpa
4. Aria Diliberto
5. Victoria Mickens

LADIES (35 & over)
1. Michelle Cox

1. Kyle Sumer
2. Dylan Wishart
3. David Taylor
4. Josh Bradey

1. Kai Dilling
2. William Love
3. Steve Spear
4. Mik Musilunas
5. Jack Viorel
6. James Jones

1. John Langone
2. Craig Newkirk
3. Ricky Judalena
4. Joseph Gillen
5. Ray Harris
6. Tim Nixon

1. Aria DiLiberto
2. Samantha Newkirk
3. Nicole Nason
4. Victoria Mickens

3rd-place Women’s Longboard finisher Nicole Nason. Photo: Jordan Nason

1. Beth Schub
2. Michelle Cox

OPEN BODYBOARD (M/F, all ages)
1. Liam Saffer OBNC
2. Kai Nau SNC
3. Dwayne Dunlap DMV
4. Kimble Youngblood SSC
5. Jack Spahr SSC
6. Brycen DePass SSC


Ted Eberhart VA (10.00)

Kai Dilling SNC

Blayr Barton VA

Katelyn Sewell SNC

Dylon Weeks SNC

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