2015 ASF Championships

October 16, 2015 • East Coast Contests

  • How'd you like to have Pete Mendia (left) and Shea Lopez (center) cheering you on before you heat? Kepa Mendia (right) channels all the necessary influence while keeping his eye on the prize at the 2015 Atlantic Surfing Federation Championships, where he won Boys & Girls Under 10. Photo: Mez
  • Yes, these kids are far more focused in their pre-teen years than most of us are as adults. Cocoa Beach's William Hedleston was on point on his way to a Boys 12 & Under victory. Photo: Patrick Rice
  • Gulf Coast native Christian Daniels knows a thing or two about charging every section that comes his direction. Christian air-dropped this one like it was Anna Maria Island on its best day on the way to 4th-place in Boys U14. Photo: Dugan
  • Blake Elmore and his twin brother Chase were all over the ASF Champs this year, making multiple finals and blowing minds with their slash-happy technique. Blake finished 3rd in Open Shortboard. Photo: Mez
  • This year's ASF Champs arrived in town on the tail end of the Hurricane Joaquin swell. But things were still darn fun in the two- to four-foot (occasionally bigger) range. Photo: Mez
  • Central Florida's Noah Dovin didn't make any finals this year, but his eye is definitely on next year's prize. Stay tuned for more from this promising grom. Photo: Mez
  • Palm Beach County's Chase Modelski punched far beyond his class, finishing 2nd in Boys U16 and 3rd in Boys U18 even though he's just 14. Best of all? He did it with pure style mixed in with a whole lotta power. Photo: Dugan
  • Looks fun, right? The sea life is always a big part of any contest at Sebastian Inlet, and this year's ASF Championships were no different. Photo: Dugan
  • As for longboards at Sebastian Inlet, well, that's a less frequent sighting. Which didn't stop Chad Mullis from absolutely charging in the challenging inside conditions on his way to a 4th-place finish in Senior Longboard. Take note, kids — you can go big no matter the equipment. Photo: Dugan
  • Zoe Benedetto was straight-up STOKED after her big win in Girls U12. The ASF is great because it places much of its focus on the development of groms while still giving them the chance to build points toward major nationwide events like the Surfing America USA Champs. All part of the competitive program... Photo: Dugan
  • North Central Florida's Nicole Fulford flexed her powerful color-coordinated skills on the way to 4th-place in Girls U16. Photo: Dugan
  • Meanwhile, Flagler County's Hannah Blevins topped that result by one place, finishing 3rd in Girls U16. Photo: Dugan
  • But Melbourne Beach's Rachel Presti was the standout wahine of the day, winning Girls U14 and Girls U16 while finishing 3rd in Girls U18 in front of the hometown crowd. Photo: Dugan
  • Remember what we said about the sea life at Sebastian Inlet? Don't worry, kids — this happens all the time. Photo: Dugan
  • Double twos — no doubt Storm Portman was looking to move beyond runner-up position, where she finished in both Girls U16 and Girls U18. But given her steady ascent and recent ESA Easterns title, we're going to be seeing Storm's name at the top of the podium a lot more in the near future. Photo: Louis Barr
  • Meanwhile, Emory McClary only made two finals, but she won both of them. Here's the South Carolina native jamming one en route to a Girls U18 victory, which she followed up with a Girls U18 Longboard title later in the contest. Photo: Dugan
  • Whatever it takes to get the shot: ESM Co-Founder and Photo Editor Emeritus Dick “Mez” Meseroll loves nothing more than mixing it up right in the field of play. Photo: Dugan
  • This is what that unique angle produced — even after 45 years behind the lens, Mez's eye is still one of a kind. Photo: Mez
  • With one year of eligibility left, Chauncey Robinson knew 2015 was going to be his year. The Sebastian Inlet local was on point throughout the event, winning both Boys U18 and Open Shortboard with an uncanny knowledge of First Peak's quirks. Photo: Mez
  • These days, competitors in the Masters division surf almost as well as the young guns. Mike Rosa proves that point with a 2nd-place finish and a big sweeping hack. Photo: Mez
  • Shoot, even the 40-somethings are still ripping! When the Nub TV East Coast Legends heat was announced, everyone knew that Sebastian Inlet kingpin Dave Speir would be a hands-down favorite to win. Photo: Dugan
  • Todd Holland, Paul Reinecke, Speir, and Barry Pasonski relive old memories and make some new ones during the Legends final. Photo: Mez
  • Travis Ajay, Ben Graeff, Mark Haryslak, and Rick Anthony probably have way more fun running a surf contest than anyone. Photo: Mez
  • Until next year, thank you ASF! Big ups to Executive Directo Phil Jackson, all the sponsors, and all the competitors who made this one another contest to remember. Photo: Dugan

WHO: The best of the best from the Atlantic Surfing Federation’s many East Coast

WHAT: The 2015 ASF Championships

WHEN: October 9th-11th, 2015

WHERE: Sebastian Inlet State Park, Melbourne Beach, FL

WHY: To crown the best East Coast champions after a long season of solid ASF competition, and to build points toward qualification for the 2016 Surfing America USA Championships. Although the contest arrived at Sebastian Inlet just at the tail end of the Hurricane Joaquin swell, waves for the weekend were still solid in the two- to four-foot to occasionally bigger range, with some fine Florida fall weather on tap as icing on the cake. Big winners came from across the Rightside: South Florida (Kepa Mendia, Zoe Benedetto), Central Florida (William Hedleston, Rachel Presti, Brandon DeFilippo, Randy Nolan, Salome Aberger, Kenny Saundry, Lauren McLean, and Chauncey Robinson), North Florida (Ryan Huckabee, Chase Elmore, Travis Ajay, ), South Carolina (Emory and Leldon McClary, Adam Dills, Mako Musilenas), and North Florida (Brad Bailey).

In addition, ASF organizers led by Executive Director Phil Jackson put all the competitors’ names from the boys’ and girls’ U12 division into a bucket and picked one name to win a custom surfboard by Aaron “Gorkin” Cormican. The winner was Palm Coast, FL’s, Braeden Kopec — congratulations grom. the other big new aspect of this year’s ASF Champs was the Nub TV East Coast Legends event, which collected a slew of classic rippers with Sebastian Inlet kingpin Dave Speir emerging victorious. Other big news came from Mark Haryslak filming all of the action, Travis Ajay’s classic moves on the mic, and the announcement of a new Southeastern North Carolina chapter starting in 2016. “We are beyond stoked to bring the ASF to our North Carolina surf family,” said Phil Jackson. “The South Carolina chapter has quite a few surfers that travel from North Carolina to compete, so we wanted to have some events closer to them. “Denny Green, Mike Beech, and myself will be running the events in NC. We have some amazing friends up that way and cant wait to share the stoke with all the groms. North Carolina has some amazing talent and I can’t wait to see them at First Peak next October.”


1. Kepa Mendia
2. Sterling Mackish
3. Morgan Weaver
4. Tanner Corbitt

1. William Heddleston
2. Robbie Goodwin
3. Ryan Huckabee
4. Sterling Mackish

1. Ryan Huckabee
2. Robbie Goodwin
3. William Heddleston
4. Christian Daniels

1. Chase Elmore
2. Chase Modelski
3. Blake Speir
4. Christian Mocny

1. Chauncey Robinson
2. Blake Speir
3. Chase Modelski
4. Noah Dovin

1. Zoe Benedetto
2. Sydney Corbitt
3. Alana Heater
4. Bree Labiak

1. Rachel Presti
2. Hannah Blevins
3. Coral Schuster
4. Isabella Perlmutter

1. Rachel Presti
2. Storm Portman
3. Hannah Blevins
4. Nichole Fulford

1. Emory McClary
2. Storm Portman
3. Rachel Presti
4. Avery Aydelotte

1. Brandon DeFilippo
2. Wiley Robinson
3. Andrew Slaughter
4. Mike Wood

1. Travis Ajay
2. Mike Rosa
3. Bobby Neeb
3. Mike Young

1. Randy Nolan
2. Brad Bailey
3. Brian Simpson
4. David Roll

1. Scott Bailey
2. Wilton Jordan
3. Thomas Cook

1. Salome Aberger
2. Vivian Jordan
3. Stacy Coon
4. Terry Green

1. Lauren McClean
2. Terry Green
3. Vivian Jordan

1. Mako Musilenas
2. Anthony Jackson
3. Gage Jackson

1. Kenny Saundry
2. Gavin Silver
3. Tristen Finley
4. Stryder Spencer

1. Adam Dills
2. Tony Dillard
3. Kristan Floyd

1. Brad Bailey
2. Thomas Cook
3. Wilton Jordan
4. Chad Mullis

1. Emory McClary
2. Bree Labiak
3. Isabella Perlmutter
4. Camden Hoover

1. Leldon McClary
2. Siren Williams

1. Chauncy Robinson
2. Chase Elmore
3. Blake Elmore
4. Mike Rosa

1. David Speir
2. Paul Reineke
3. Todd Holland
4. Barry Pasonski

All in all, a great weekend of great surfing and great waves — thanks ASF!

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