18th Annual Guy Daniels Memorial Surf-Off

August 5, 2017 • East Coast Contests

More than 100 surfers gathered in Surfside Beach, SC, on July 29th-30th for the 18th Annual Guy Daniels Memorial Surf-Off. Daniels was a local waterman who died in 1999 at 19 years of age, and the Guy Daniels Memorial Foundation awards scholarship money to local students from Horry and Georgetown Counties. As of this year, it has now awarded more than $100,000.

The foundation also works to preserve local beaches by supporting renourishment efforts. As Foundation Director Mikey Pruitt told local news channel WBTW, “I think Guy would be really happy with the way everything has turned out. Ever since he passed away, we’ve been doing this in memory of him and it’s been growing every year. We’re really appreciative to the community for all the support.” For more info, visit SurfOff.com and check out full results from this year’s contest below.

Photo: Kent Ficklin

18th Annual Guy Daniels Memorial Surf Off Results:

Pro Shortboard winner Knox Harris. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Pro Shortboard: 1) Knox Harris 2) Boyd Brown 3) Tyson Royston 4) Shawn Clark

Pro Shortboard runner-up Boyd Brown. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Pro Longboard: 1) Trip Chandler 2) Shawn Clark 3) Triston Finley 4) Chris Moore

Menehune Shortboard: 1) Mako Musilunas 2) Declan Riley 3) Noah Seward

Menehune Shortboard and Boys U14 Shortboard winner Mako Musilunas. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Boys U14 Shortboard: 1) Mako Musilunas 2) Oliver Royston 3) August Powalie

Boys U14 runner-up Oliver Royston. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Boys U16 Shortboard: 1) Reid Largin 2) Lucas Montsinger 3) Cam Davis

Boys U16 Shortboard runner-up Lucas Montsinger. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Junior Men’s U18 Shortboard winner Tyson Royston. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Jr. Men U18 Shortboard: 1) Tyson Royston 2) Douglas Wendel III 3) Trip Chandler

Girls U14, U16, Junior Women’s U18 Shortboard, and Girls Longboard winner Bree Labiak. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Girls U14 Shortboard: 1) Bree Labiak 2) Ashley Kleinsmith 3) Krista Grace Hammel

Girls U16 Shortboard: 1) Bree Labiak 2) Olivia Wendel 3) Ashley Kleinsmith

Bree earning a big congrats from her mom. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Jr. Women U18 Shortboard: 1) Bree Labiak 2) Ashley Kleinsmith 3) Olivia Wendel

Women’s Shortboard: 1) Sara Bryson 2) Abigail Corrin

Men’s Shortboard winner Chris Moore. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Men’s Shortboard: 1) Chris Moore 2) Triston Finley 3) Parker Finley

Men’s Shortboard 3rd-place finisher Parker Finley. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Masters Shortboard: 1) Will Roper 2) Shawn Clark 3) Nicholas Huckabee

Sr. Mens Shortboard: 1) Erick Powalie 2) Mik Musilunas 3) Dallas Stiver

Legends Shortboard: 1) Tom Chandler 2) Chuck Dawes 3) Stan Budd

Menehune Longboard: 1) Cam Davis 2) Mako Musilunas 3) August Powalie

Jr. Mens U18 Longboard: 1) Trip Chandler 2) Olen Powalie 3) Mako Musilunas

Men’s Longboard winner Triston Finley. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Mens Longboard: 1) Triston Finley 2) Chris Moore 3) David Hock

Womens Longboard: 1) Bree Labiak 2) Sara Bryson 3) Abigail Corrin

Masters Longboard winner Shawn Clark. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Masters Longboard: 1) Shawn Clark 2) Erik Powalie 3) Nicholas Huckabee

Legends Longboard: 1) Stan Budd 2) Tom Chandler 3) Wayne Pruitt

Bodyboard: 1) Mako Musilunas 2) Kyleigh Hedrick 3) Triston Rowles

Adaptive: (assist) Jose Solario,   (tandem) Terrel Rawson, (visually impaired) Brian Shaw

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