The 16th Annual Folly Beach Wahine Classic took place on June 3rd-4th at The Washout in Folly Beach, SC. 109 wahines from South Carolina, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and even one from Mexico made the best of the conditions, showing the judges some great moves and maneuvers in the knee- to waist-high conditions. With age divisions in Shortboard and Longboard, open divisions in SUP, Bodyboard, and Novice, and, back for the fifth year, Pro Shortboard and Pro Longboard, there was a lot of competition and the entrants really gave it their all.

folly beach wahine classic

Photo: Bill Wolpert

Contest Directors Patti Noe and Liz Chirles were happy to announce a $4,000 Pro prize purse with the wahines competing for a $1,000 1st-place prize in each division. 20-year-old Jazmine Dean of St. Augustine, FL, ended up winning Pro Longboard, while 15-year-old Anna Bloess of Tybee Island, GA, took the Pro Shortboard. Those who placed in the amateur divisions went home with prize bags full of goodies from Dune Jewelry, Luke Shades, Honey Girl Water Wear, Carolina Surf Brand, McKevlin’s Surf Shop, Ocean Surf Shop, Parrot Surf Shop, Nectar, Roxy and more!

Jazmine Dean. Photo: Matt Drobnik

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Anna Bloess. Photo: Cary McDonald

Pro Shortboard

1st – Anna Bloess (GA) $1,ooo

2nd – Bree Smith (FL) $500

3rd – Maddy Malizia (FL) $300

4th – Grace Muckenfuss (NC) $200

Pro Longboard

1st – Jazmine Dean (FL) $1,ooo

2nd – Anna Bloess (GA) $500

3rd – Cat Sizemore (MX) $300

4th – Leigh Powell (NC) $200

Menehune Shortboard (12 and Under)

1st – Bree Smith (FL)

2nd – Camden Hoover (VA)

3rd – Maddie Franz (FL)

4th – Ashton Loring (SC)

5th – Mikaela Nichols (FL)

6th – Kylee Heath (NC)

Girls Shortboard (13-17)

1st – Anna Bloess (GA)

2nd – Bree Labiak (SC)

3rd – Maddie Franz (FL)

4th – Rose Windham (SC)

5th – Olivia Dilling (SC)

6th – Kayella Youngblood (SC)

Women Shortboard (18-34)

1st – Grace Muckenfuss (NC)

2nd – Veronica Bishop (SC)

3rd – Kristin Tanner (SC)

4th – Abbey Rich (SC)

5th – Kate Barattini (SC)

6th – Perng Hutson (SC)

Ladies Shortboard (35-49)

1st – Jenny Brown (SC)

2nd – Lisa Tanner (FL)

3rd – Tara Thomas (SC)

4th – Jennifer Klein (SC)

5th – Carrie Danker (SC)

6th – Heather Wall (SC)

Goddess Shortboard (50+)

1st – Vivian Jordan (SC)

2nd – Terri Tanner (SC)

3rd – Marty Mentzer (NC)

4th – Barbara Corey (FL)

5th – Katherine Lundy (SC)

6th – Robin Fowler (SC)

Menehune Longboard (12 and Under)

1st – Maddy Franz (FL)

2nd – Camden Hoover (VA)

3rd – Kylee Heath (NC)

4th – Cameron Foley (SC)

5th – Sarah Kuhl (SC)

6th – Ava Chakeris (SC)

Girls Longboard (13-17)

1st – Anna Bloess (GA)

2nd – Bree Labiak (SC)

3rd – Gabby Viorel (NC)

4th – Maddie Malizia (FL)

5th – Olivia Dilling (SC)

6th – Kayella Youngblood (SC)

Women Longboard (18-34)

1st – Kate Barattini (SC)

2nd – Kristin Tanner (SC)

3rd – Cat Sizemore (MX)

4th – Perng Hutson (SC)

5th – Kristen Litchfield (SC)

6th – Misty Mangiacapre (NC)

Ladies Longboard (34-49)

1st – Jenny Brown (SC)

2nd – Jenny Alderman (SC)

3rd – Maggie McGuigan (SC)

4th – Carrie Danker (SC)

5th – Tara Thomas (SC)

6th – Mary Gordon Kerr (SC)

Goddess Longboard (50+)

1st – Terri Tanner (SC)

2nd – Marty Mentzer (NC)

3rd – Jewel Napier (SC)

4th – Vivian Jordan (SC)

5th – Becky Baird (SC)

6th – Delisa McCollin (SC)

Stand Up Paddleboard (Open)

1st – Camden Hoover (VA)

2nd – Beth Lovett (SC)

3rd – Jenny Alderman (SC)

4th – Maggie McGuigan (SC)

5th – Marty Mentzer (NC)

6th – Kate Dittloff (SC)

7th – Cindy Good (SC)

Bodyboard (Open)

1st – Georgia Brown (SC)

2nd – Abbey Rich (SC)

3rd – Audra Gibson (SC)

4th – Kristen Litchfield (SC)

5th – Megan Coker (SC)

6th – Grace Muckenfuss (NC)

Novice (Open)

1st – Kylee Heath (NC)

2nd – Ava Chakeris (SC)

3rd – Jen Carter (SC)

4th – Lani Rodriguez (FL)

5th – Rachel Carroll (NC)

6th – Zola Rucker (SC)

Hottest Shortboard Wave:

Grace Muckenfuss (NC) with a 7.5 in the Pro Shortboard Final

Hottest Longboard Wave:

Jazmine Dean (FL) with an 8.0 in the Pro Longboard Final

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