Contest Report: The Surf Dreams Contest Series Event # 1

June 10, 2020 • Competition

Ed. Note:

Welcome back right coast competition with one caveat– be careful what you wish for and just be… careful.

What Grom Tour series Phil Jackson wished for was decent surf, a good turn-out and health and safety for all with two ask’s apparently answered and the other two well, only time will tell as surf comps slowly return to our “new normal” lives.

With so many people tweaked and damn tired of lockdown city – including ESM – it’s now full-on Russian Roulette out on the streets and all across our beaches as Covid-19 cases continue to spike in many states but it’s game on none the less, agree or disagree, and Jason Hoover filed the following report for us.

As the still raging cornavirus pandemic evolves to where we’re not yet sure, and more surfing events start getting green lighted, if all else please take the basic precautions  ( masks, social d., hygiene ) when you hit the beach if not for yourself then for the consideration of others health and safety.

We’re all in this together so let’s act like it, even at surf contests, because this still highly lethal and still spreading disease could care less if your wearing a suit and tie or competition singlet.

Fingers crossed… – Mez –

The Surf Dreams Contest Series Event # 1 by Jason Hoover:

Contest surfing is a form of expressing one’s wave riding abilities and creativity amongst peers and spectators, and is an activity enjoyed by kids and adults around the world.  For the last few months, as the world has battled a pandemic and civil unrest, families whose passions focus on the ocean have been eagerly waiting for the opportunity to get back to doing what they love. 

Last Saturday, June 6th, their patience paid off when the Surf Dreams Contest Series kicked off in Garden City, South Carolina.  Families came from as far away as Virginia to enjoy the comradery and festivities.  Organizer Phil Jackson was elated to be back on the beach and commented that “my excitement was boiling over as I hit the beach to set up realizing we were in for a day of light winds with a South swell, seeing old friends and new faces smiling and sharing in positive vibes all day, It was great to be back!”.

Bear Von Horn, first Open Longboard and Open Longboard 18 And Under. Photo: Alena Nichols @Carolina_sessions

When the heat horn buzzed for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, spectators cheered loudly as the kids hit the water! It was an emotional time for some who had been away from the ocean for the longest period in their lives. The always popular push and go division saw Reid Piotrowski and sibling Lucy Piotrowski claim first and second place in a tight heat, with Everly Musilunas finishing in 3rd place.

In the Open Guppies division, Wrightsville Beach native Finn Viorel earned the top spot, followed by Dominick Lomax and Gage Jackson.  In a highlight packed Open Groms 13-15 division, the boys battled through some tough heats in which Mako Musilunas came out victorious, with an in-form Dakine team rider AJ Jackson earning 2nd place, and Ryan Largin put on a solid performance to finish in 3rd.

AJ Jackson, second Open Groms 13-14. Photo: Alena Nichols @ Carolina_sessions

In the Open Juniors 15-17 final, Noah Wallace Harrell surfed to first place, with Ethan Lowe and Cam Davis earning podium spots too.  Bear Von Horn continues to improve with every session and battled his way to a win in the always stacked Open Shortboard Final as well as the Open Longboard Final and the Open Junior Longboard Final!

Noah Harrell, first Photo: Alena Nichols @Carolina_sessions

Also, in the Open Shortboard Final, Mako Musilunas and Finn Viorel stayed hot throughout the day and placed 2nd and 3rd. ESA All-Star Gabby Viorel ripped her way to first place in the Open Women’s Shortboard Final, while Bella Faircloth and Whitney Gwisc took a respectable 2nd and 3rd place.

Whitney Gweis, Open Womans Shortboard. Photo: Alena Nichols @Carolina_sessions

The day culminated with the award ceremony and a lot of happy participants and families. Surf Dreams Founder, Phil Jackson and his wife Ola were very thankful for the volunteers, judges and sponsors that helped kick off the first contest on the East Coast in 2 months, and look forward to more in the future while continuing to bring the joys and benefits of surfing to new children and families. – Jason Hoover @hoovtangclan –

Cam Davis, third Open Juniors. Photo: Alena Nichols @Carolina_sessions

Noah Harrell, first Photo: Alena Nichols @Carolina_sessions

The Surf Dreams Contest Series Event # 1 Results

 10 and under push in

1 Reid Piotrowski

2 Lucy Piotrowski

3 Everly Musilunas

4 JB2

5 Paxton Schools

Open guppies 10-12

1 Finn Viorel

2 Dominick Lomax

3 Gage Jackson

4 Christian Castiglione

5 Whitney Gwisc

6 Fin Nelson

Open groms 13-14

1 Mako Musilunas

2 AJ Jackson

3 Ryan Largin

4 Austin Anthony

Open Juniors 15-17

1 Noah Harrell

2 Ethan Lowe

3 Cam Davis

4 AJ Jackson

Open Shortboard

1 Bear Von Horn

2 Mako Musilunas

3 Finn Viorel

4 Matt Lee

Open Womens shortboard

1 Gabby Viorel

2 Bella Faircloth

3 Whitney Gwisc

4 Libby Kate Hammel

5 Caitlin Rawcliffe

6 Angela Jackson

Open Longboard

1 Bear Von Horn

2 Adam Dills

3 Gianni Pike

4 Isaiah Arnold

Open Longboard 18 and under

1 Bear Von Horn

2 Mack Landry

3 Gianni Pike

4 Mako Musilunas