All photos and video by Peyton Willard, Story Garrett Carmichael

This past weekend The Florida Boardrider’s finished their last event of the season at the Mayport poles in classic, chunky, windy, overhead surf; true poles bowls conditions with a crazy North wind and a heavy drift.

The set-up at the Poles, north Jax, Florida. With the rough seas and cold, blustery winds it felt more like the North Pole to many. Peyton Willard @peytonwillard

Before we get into the details of the event we need to welcome the new teams that have joined since the Board Riders kicked off earlier this year. With the Florida boardriders concept gaining momentum fast, Fernandina and Flagler have added clubs to the current roster–Jacksonville, PV, Space Coast and St. Augustine (who was unfortunately absent from this event, possibly because their kingpin Gabe Kling was off surfing somewhere tropical?). Going into the third event of the season the Space Coast tribe pretty much had a stranglehold on the series, winning two of the events so far. For everybody in the Jacksonville club, a win on their home turf would have allowed them to retain a little bit of our pride and honor.


Highlights of the event are far too long to mention in this short article but we will go over a few that stand out in my mind. In the morning, the groms and the women were sent out to do battle first and it became clear pretty fast that a lot of the day would be spent battling the raw conditions of Mother Nature more so than other competitors. Hats off to everyone who surfed in the event, conditions were really challenging to say the least.

Contest reporter / competitor Garrett Carmichael going for broke for the hometown Jax team. Peyton Willard @peytonwillard

Young Athan Robertson from the Jacksonville club made it through the washing machine and was able to get a solid score. On the women’s side, Cierra Cunningham from the Ponte Vedra team destroyed a set wave. As the day went on, the usual suspects were putting on a show: Chauncy Robinson from the Space Coast club is always a standout, fast polished surfing done with style; the Thompson brotherssurfing one of their home breaks is always a treat to watch.

Chauncey Robinson, one of the “Usual Suspects”, delivered time and again during the hard fought, 3  contest format but couldn’t deliver a final blow for a series sweep for the Space Coast team. Peyton Willard @peytonwillard

Of course we have to mention the highest score of the day: One of the most exciting up and coming surfers , Flagler’s Robbie McCormick, aka Rasta Rob, is a one man clip machine. It seems like every time he surfs, he’s able to put together a proper movie section and release it via IG for the entire world to see. He literally paddled out, caught one wave and stuck a huge full rotation air off an ugly, chunky section. Whatever it is, this kids got it. The move earned a 9.3, since he was a double whammy that went to 18.6. I would not have been mad if the judges threw him a 10.

“The Human Clip Machine”, Rasta Rob Mc Cormick scored a 9.63 that double whammied into an 18.6. Peyton Willard @peytonwillard

I have to say, as a veteran of this team format, it’s amazing to see so many people enjoying it, interacting with and finding joy in this kind of non-traditional surf contest. The Florida Board Rider events truly do promote community interaction. Let’s take a quick look at the list of father/son duos who competed in stop three together just so you get an idea of what I mean.

-East Coast legend Dave Spier and his son Blake

-Super rep Scott Bouchard and his son Stone.

-Former teen surf phenom Phillip Watters and his son Cash

-Ponte Vedra’s Batey and Chip McGraw

-And of course Jacksonville’s own Jason and Josh Motes.

Ryan Huckabee is fast becoming an east coast standout with a bright future ahead. Peyton Willard @peytonwillard

Promoting family, community and most importantly the future for the young and upcoming surfers involved in the Boardriders club is what is important about these events. Winning them is just the icing on the cake, and luckily for stop three, the Jacksonville Boardriders club got to taste that icing on our home turf. Thanks to everyone involved and especially to Dane Jeffereys for putting all this together. In this ever changing crazy world, these types of events are needed to remind everyone how important your local community is and how we must foster a better future for our youth. If we get to do a little surfing and trash-talking along the way, well it’s just that much better, right? – Garrett Carmichael –

Former top east coast pro standout, Will Tant still showing top form and is surfing as good as ever. Good living  and a good spirit will do that for you. Peyton Willard @peytonwillard

Kyle Mc Carthy has always been one of the Quiet Assassins from our coast treading softly and unassumingly on land then paddling out and loudly ripping the shittake out of it. Peyton Willard @peytonwillard

The Space Coast crew took the inaugural Boardriders series trophy back to Brevard but we think the Jax, Saint Augie, Pontre Vedra, Flagler, and Fernandina Beach clubs will have the knives out and sharpened for the next series to be announced at a later date. Peyton Willard @peytonwillard