Breaking News! Team Gesler Repeats At Cold War 2, Clay Pollioni Scores a 9.75 and Event MVP!

December 10, 2017 • Big News !, Competition

It was sunny yet testicle shrinking cold, it snowed overnight with a frigid Hawkwind blowing stiff offshore’s and the waves were excellent with some really good barrels for Cold War 2 or exactly what the event braintrust and competitors were hoping for.

In short, Team Gesler once again defeated Team Sam Hammer and Clay Pollioni took this years MVP award while scoring a 9.75 just a few short hours ago so look for full event coverage at tomorrow by your one and only true Voice Of East Coast Surfing!

G-g-g-g-reetings from cold as hell Asbury Park! Photo: Rich Mc Mullin

Cold War 2 event MVP, Clay Pollioni. Photo: Rich Mc Mullin