Big News! ESA NE Regionals Post Contest Tease Here!

May 21, 2018 • Big News !, Competition

It was a scene right out of Noah’s Ark during the ESA’s final, 3 day long Northeast Regionals championship’s qualifier in Belmar, New Jersey. As day one dawned Friday morning the heavens opened up and let loose rain, wind and super gnarly, nor’easter-like surf conditions but the show stayed right on the schedule contest directors had plotted out and then deftly piloted through the malestrom with max efficiency from the always on it ESA support staff.

Your 2018 ESA Northeast Regionals Tag Team champions. Let the inter-district braggin’ rights begin! Photo: Mez

Big News! headlines from the final leg of the 3 regional qualifiers include the South Jersey district scoring the inter-divisional Tag Team trophy, surfer of the event Cole Deveny winning the hotly contested U-I6 while taking very close seconds in both, other marquee brackets, the U-18 and the Mens Open.To put an exclamtion point on it all Deveny was awarded the NE Regional Ironman award.

Winngest surfer of the event and your 2018 Northeast Ironman heading into the September championships with a full head of steam, Mr. Cole Deveny. Photo: Mez

Other headlines were the on fire Audrey Iglay winning the Sharkbanz U-14, taking second in the U-16 and fifth in the Menehune longboard all of which earned her a well deserved Ironwoman award along with Maddie Ryan taking out the womens U-I6 and 18 wins

Maddie Ryan continues to impress wether surfing and winning ESA comps or towing into huge Tres Palmas this past winter with Right Coast big wave legend Will Skudin. The lady has the skills and moxie to go far. Photo: Mike Vuocolo / Instagram @mikesshoreshots 

For our full Northeast Regionals contest report and a MEGA super sized photo gallery please check early next week!