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  • July 11, 2019 • East Side Stories, Photos

    How To Surf Alone In America…

    … And Erase Humankind In Five Easy Steps By Matt Pruett: “In this crowded world, the surfer can still seek and find the perfect day, the perfect wave, and be alone with the surf and his thoughts.” -John Severson “We’re all in...

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  • June 18, 2017 • East Side Stories

    Mickey McCarthy

    The following photos and quotes were pulled from various features and interviews over the years. Make sure you’re on the beach at Bonnett Street in Nags Head on June 17th for his memorial paddle-out  ...

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  • February 6, 2017 • East Side Stories

    ESM Photo Library

    Today’s demanding digital environment means that ESM’s photo focus usually remains firmly on the present. Racing to cover the Right Now (while occasionally stopping to flash back to the golden past), however, we often lose sight of how...

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  • April 21, 2015 • East Side Stories

    Hawaii 2014/15 Photobook

    Mark Twain spoke these words in 1889, but they’re just as true today as they were 125 years ago. For a select group of East Coast surfers, Hawaii will always represent the Holy Grail of exposure, experience, and excitement. The North...

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