Big News! There’s “Hope” For Florence Victims With ‘NC Strong Jordy Smith Giveaway’!

December 14, 2018 • Big News !, Giveaways

As the Real Watersports press release succinctly states regarding their NC Strong Jordy Smith Giveaway contest, “NC Strong is the rally cry to help our fellow North Carolina residents to the south of us devastated by hurricane Florence”. Appropriately located in Waves just down the road from Rodanthe, Real is probably more well known for it’s kiteboarding / windsurfing clientele but is still inexorably tied to Outer Banks surfing with Brett Barley as their resident pro and a very well stocked surfboard department and all the attendant wave riding hardware you could ever need from all the top brands. And really? Hurricanes could give two shits if you kiteboard or kayak, dig on foiling, groove a surfmat or str8-up surf. When you get hit – as many of us have in our east coast surfing world – many of us know the pain and the needs when one of these meteorological beasts destroys lives, homes,  business and whole communities of ocean lovers.

Florence didn’t care if you rode a surfboard, kiteboard or a boogie board. Anybody or thing in her path copped it good.

We are all in it together – sometimes you help, sometime you need help and Real Watersports founders Trip Forman and Matt Nuzzo are stepping up big time by organizing this A-mazing Jordy Smith Giveaway that offers a truly unbelievable array of prizes including a Jordy surfboard shaped by the tr-fin originator legend Simon Anderson ( as featured in Stabs “In The Dark” board testing feature ) and a 7 night stay in the penthouse suite of Reals Watermen’s Retreat and an O’neill “wetsuit pack” just for starters with too many more kick-ass prizes to numerous to name here. The Grand total is 6 G’s worth of high end surf products and all it will coast you is ten measly dollars to be donated to Hope For Helen, a non-profit charity, to help clean-up and repair the massive destruction which still deeply scars many parts of the North South Carolina coastal region. For all the details of how to enter on-line, rules, regulations and the shit ton of sick prizes click on the orange highlighted link below and see what $10.00 dollars can get you if your lucky and, most importantly, what you can do to help others who’s luck ran out that fateful day on September 14th when Florence made landfall. To get stared now just click on the orange highlighted link just below. – Mez –