Big News! Paaar-tay!!! NJSHOF Announces Class of 2019 Induction Date!

February 14, 2019 • Big News !


The third ever, biennial New Jersey Surfing Hall Of Fame will take place where it all started six years ago at the historical landmark Algonquin Arts Theater, 60 Abe Voorhees Dr. in Manasquan NJ. on Friday night May 31st. The doors will open to the public at 5 p.m. and end – the length of acceptance speeches permitting as we surfers do love to talk story – after the last inductee leaves the podium at 10 p.m. Ticket prices will be $35 /person and limited to just 350 available to the general public.

There will also be an incorporation of a surf art theme this induction year with both photos and art donated by various images makers from the Jersey Shore to view and enjoy and a ton of good things to eat via an array of food trucks and plenty of ice cold adult drinks . If the past two sold out, SRO affairs are any indication then we suggest buying your tickets early to make sure you gain entree to New Jersey surfing’s biggest celebration occuring every two years. The last induction event held in 2017 had well over 600 of the finest surfers, shop owners, photographers, reps, and rippers across all age spans including out of state surfing dignitaries from our industry –  like first ever professional world champ and co-emcee Peter “PT” Townend and Quiksilver’s Bob Mc Knight just to name a few.

Hello, I’ll be your host for the evening … NJSHOF President, 2017 inductee and East Coast Surfing Hall Of Fame candidate Brian Heritage has been putting in the hard yards with the help of many others to make this next induction ceremony one for the books. Considering the success and off the charts fun factor at the 2017 throw down, the organizing committee has their work cut out for themselves but are totally up to the task. Photo: Mez /ESM

When asked about the groups mission statement, NJSHOF sparkplug and president Brian Heritage said, “I think our primary goal is to acknowledge the history roots of this state’s rich, diverse surfing culture and to highlight those who have paved the way for present and future generations of Garden State surfers. Without the acknowledgment of these pathfinders and trailblazers, you have no foundation to help our culture to keep flourishing. That foundation and continuing the circle has led Jersey to the forefront of east coast surfing in my opinion and our evolution will continue and become more impactful with the NJSHOF showing and, most importantly, celebrating our tribes achievements together.”

We have no insider knowledge here at all, and the judges votes are all in and tallied waiting for the big announcement March 1st, but we’re gonna say it – class of 2019 nominee finalist Lisa Roselli is a flat out surfing legend and her pedigree and bona fides make her as much of a shoo-in as you could possibly be. Photo: Courtesy Roselli

Continues Heritage, “The other thing that we want people to know about our organization is that we also focus on promoting the up and coming generations so we are not just an old persons club. We do this in our off year Surfer Awards hoping to see the fruits of our roots flourish. Also, one of the byproducts of our hall is that it hopefully brings to light the level of talent that should be represented in the East Coast Hall Of Fame. Finally, the one thing I like to emphasize for this event is the chance every two years to bring surf industry, surf legends, photographers, shop owners, and the general public together for the pure stoke of our New Jersey Tribe to socialize over a couple cold yards and reacquaint with good friends. We’ve lost too many of the great ones like the Rich Lisiewski and Chris Rooney’s of the world to not acknowledge them in our own Jersey way so hopefully we can pack the Algonquin this year as a tribute to those who have come before us and have had a serious impact on New Jersey surfing and beyond”.

And you can count on ESM and to celebrate – and enjoy a couple of cold yards – and present complete coverage of the whole affair start to finish.

Scott Duerr, New Jersey’s first break through media pro and decades long Manasquan Kingpin, paved the way for all those to follow who weren’t contest driven and lit the path for the likes of Sam Hammer, Frankie Walsh, Mike Gleason among others to get sponsored and paid to just be themselves- shit hot Jersey surfers. Scotty scored a double page Surfing Mag spread with this photo here at Deadmans and a nice photo incentive check for his troubles. Will Mr. Duerr get a first ballot call up? Stay tuned for the upcoming March 1st announcement of who made the NJSHOF Class Of 2019! Photo: Mez / ESM