Big News! Help Nominate The ECSHOF Class Of 2020!

February 9, 2019 • Big News !

The East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame is proud to announce its new Nomination Process for the Class of 2020, which includes, for the first time, the opportunity for candidates to be submitted by the general public.
Candidates from the general public can be submitted on from January 15th 2019 through March 31st, 2019.  No submission for the Class of 2020 will be accepted after this date.

Screen grab of the newly launched ECSHOF website for public nominations. Click on the orange highlighted link just above to learn all the details of how to get involved. Van on beach at St. Augustine, FL circa 1976 by Mez.

 Candidates will be placed in either the North (Maine to South Carolina) or South (Georgia, Florida) Region, based on their state of origin or permanent residence.  An independent Regional Nominating Committee of eight experts, 4 from the North and South, will vet all Candidates and select the best 10 Candidates filling all slots in each Award Category.  These include 3 Pioneers, 3 Surfers-Men, 1 Surfer-Woman, 1 Media, 1 Culture, 1 Industry.  (Category definitions can be found on the website.)  Five of their 10 selections must be from each region.  These 10 plus all 40 Nominees from prior years who were not selected will officially be “The Nominations.”

Screen Shot of ECSHOFpublic nomination. And please remember, this website is for the nomination selection process open to the public and not the final inductee selection.

Nominations will go to a Selection Committee, which is made up of 24 highly regarded, independent surfers, ten from the South and North Regions plus 4 At-Large members chosen for their professional credentials and knowledge of East Coast surfing.  Each member of the Selection Committee will receive 10 total votes, broken down by the specific numbers in each Award Category.  The 10 surfers with the greatest numbers of votes are “The Finalists.”

The East Coast Surfing Hall Of Fame class of 2018 ( back row from left ) : ECSHOF President Gary Germain, Skill Johnson, Kevin “Doc” Grondin, Greg “Grog Mesanko and HOF emcee Hunter Joslin. Front row from left to right: Scott Busbey, David Knuckles, Ben Bourgeois, Debra Swaney, Betsy McCarthy accepting posthuomsly for Mickey “2M” McCarthy, David Carson and un-identified family member accepting the Special Recognition award posthumously for Alexander Hume Ford. Photo: Cresitello

The 10 Finalists will be submitted to the ECSHOF Board of Directors for ratification.  A Finalist not ratified by the Board will be replaced by the next highest vote getter in the category.  The Board’s decisions are final.
The East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame Class of 2020 will be inducted during a prestigious ceremony to be held at Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida, January 2020.
For over two decades, and every two years since 1996, the ECSHOF has striven to serve the East Coast Surfing community by honoring those surfers who have made the most significant contributions to the sport thereby preserving their historical significance and the sport’s cultural lore for future generations.
**** Nominations accepted into the pool of potential ECSHOF candidates is not to be confused with being inducted ****