Big New’s! ESA Announces 2018 Allstar Team, Coach Motes and Championships Schedule…

February 7, 2018 • Big News !

( Please look for bonus ESA 2018 Allstars video at bottom )

With Spring just around the corner the Eastern Surfing Association’s presented and announced their vaunted 2018 ESA Allstar roster ( see complete list and photos at bottom of post ) along with it’s new coach, the highly decorated contest beast and one of the organizations all time winners, Jason Mote’s who will be guiding the promising talent in the water and on the beach.

Your 2018 ESA Allstars take the stage at The East Coast Surfing Hall Of Fame Induction ceremony, a perfect pairing of true legends and hopefuls. Photo: Mez

Its not just about winning heats but also about how to win while carrying yourself in a professional manner that also includes scholastic achievement, exhibiting good sportsmanship in victory or defeat, helping others along as well as helping yourself and in making good life choices.

We can’t think of few others better to lead by example and personal life experience like Coach Motes who is sure to not only elevate every Allstars surfing ability but, just as importantly, teach them how to be a great team mate and human being.

Newly minted ESA Allstar coach and one of the organizations winningest competitors ever, Jason motes. Photo: Mez

As for the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regional Championships as well as the big dance, the ESA East Coast Championships, the calendar dates are as follows:

1. Southeast Regionals April 20-22 Howard Futch Park at Paradise Beach, Indian Harbor Beach, Florida

2. Mid-Atlantic Regionals May 4-6, Jennettes Pier, Nags Head, North Carolina

3. Northeast Regionals May 18-20, 16’th Street, Belmar, New Jersey

4. The Easterns Surfing Championships, September 16-22, Jennettes Pier, Nags Head, North Carolina

2017 ESA Championships double-up at Jennettes Pier, Nags Head, North Carolina. Photo: Mez

The 2018 ESA Allstars :

Abigail Remke NGFL, Ben McCarthy NFL, Blake Tanner NFL, Blayr Barton VA, Callie Summerlin SNC, Dylon Weeks SNC, Emily Grossarth CNJ, Gavin Coluccio NCFL, Jasmine Gailey CFL, Kanoa Wong VA, Katelyn Sewell SNC, Logan Colluccio NCFL, Luke Tanner NFL, Maddie Franz SAFL, Maddie Ryan NNE, Nicholas Hutchins NNE, Olivia Beaven NCFL, Rachel Wilson VA, Sarah Abbot PBFL, Symcha Sachs NY, Ted Eberhardt VA, Thomas Sims NGFK, Trevor Francis SNC.

The great Northeast’s Maddie Ryan. Photo: Mez

The 2018 Junior Allstars:

Braedon Kopec NCFL, Carl Burger SAFL, Charles Oblinger SNC, Chase Lieder, CJ Mangio NY, Kendrick Remahl SNC, Miller Brennan NY, Tucker Collins SNJ.

Long Island, New York’s ESA Junior Allstar, CJ Mangio. Photo: Mez

2018 ESA Allstar Mentors:

Kainalu Nichols NNE, Lenny Nichols NNE, Jesse Mc Creary SNC, Samantha Newkirk SNC Krissy Torelli DD, Micheal Collins SNJ, Sophie Falzone NFL, Drew Pigott.

ESA Allstar Mentor, New Hampshire’s Kai Nalu Nichols. Photo: Mez

The 2018 ESA Allstars Committe Members:

Jeanine Montgomery, Lenny Nichols, Pam Hill, Jesse Mc Crery, Michelle Sommers.

East Coast Surfing Hall Of Fame member and Southeast District Director, Pam Hill ( left ) with ESA Executive Director, Michelle Sommers. Photo: Mez

Bonus 2018 ESA Allstar Video!