Big News! First Peak Project Invited To Surfrider’s 5th Annual Global Wave Conference

February 21, 2018 • Big News !


it’s still one of the coolest east coast places to hang out but it would be a whole hell of a lot cooler to see some twisted,  First Peak wedges return to the north jetty. Wouldn’t it be even nicer to see California based Surfrider National and their considerable assets take some real interest in helping restore one of the surfing worlds most iconic waves? Photo: Mez

The First Peak Project is honored to attend the 5th Global Wave Conference this coming March in Santa Cruz, California. This conference brings together the best minds from a collection of conservation groups and innovative coastal communities to take on the most challenging ocean issues.

Hosted by the Surfrider Foundation and the Save the Waves Coalition, the conference invites internationally renowned speakers to discuss topics such as the Land to Sea Connection, Protected Areas and Surfing, and Climate Change Innovation.  The First Peak Project has been accepted to present under the subcategory Valuing Surf Sites. Everyone on the team is so excited to be part of this incredible conference.

Justin Enjo may seem like he’s tilting at windmills to some but the man has solid engineering ideas that make perfect sense and at least he’s busting ass  trying to do something about it. Are you? Photo: Mez

Furthermore, we are proud to announce that First Peak Project founder Justin Enjo will be speaking to the loss of First Peak and what restoring the wave means for the local counties, the State of Florida, and the global surfing community at large.  First Peak disappeared by accident when a turn-of-the-century jetty rehabilitation diminished the wave reflection from the structure. Today, the wave can be brought back with the help from a multitude of piling restoration technologies. These solutions have many benefits including strengthening the jetty, increasing biomass & enhancing fisheries, improving natural sand bypassing and of course reinvigorating the legendary wave.

Dave Speir, pre-jetty rebuild, in a classic First Peak reflector. Photo: Mez

Please follow the Save the Waves Foundation, Surfrider, and the First Peak Project on social media to receive updates from the conference. After the event, we will inform everyone on our progress and the knowledge gained from teaming up with this incredible group of professionals.  We can bring First Peak back, and we are grateful that the global surfing community is becoming part of this historic opportunity.

The First Peak Project

Please check out the Global Wave Conference website for more information.

You can learn more about the First Peak Project by visiting

Dave Speir again under the hood of a quintessential First Peak wave with the tell tale reflection doing it’s one-of-a-kind thing in the foreground. Photo: Mez