Welcomed Undulation with North Carolina’s Brett Barley

March 9, 2017 • Videos

“There is nothing I love more than surfing at home,” says Buxton, North Carolina, native Brett Barley. “No matter where I’ve traveled in the world, I can never wait to get back and share empty lineups with my friends. I’ve been in a habit of blasting clips all over social media the day I get them and recently was asked to hold onto some stuff for a Surfline article. Well, once Jeffery O’Neil and I got to holding clips, I figured they’d be better served in a full edit instead of a bunch of Insta clips.”

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  • Niagara Mike

    WHOA! I love this vid!

    Well done Jeffery O’Neil ! You sure tamed this surfer- completely caught him and brought him to us. DAM FINE WORK with every aspect. Thanks!

    Brett Barley. Great skills and style and confidence and skills again. You tamed those waves… the water will never be the same. You killed it and own that beach!

    Getting my kicks doing lake waves and working with the great guys here who do what they can when they can… March 08 being one of those days on Lake Erie. Hope to show some of their stuff on my instagram soon… Mike@NiagaraMIke2000

    Please keep up that confident aggressive skill. I do need to photograph that one day soon!

    Best always