Cam Richards In ’22’, This Is How You Do A Propper Edit !

January 28, 2018 • Videos

*** Scroll down past photo and review to play video ***


  • CJ

    So lame. You took a shit on Cam’s video by attaching politics to it. Thumbs down ESM.

    • James Haggard


      • CJ

        Guess the feedback struck a nerve as they removed the poorly written story AND their equally poorly written social media post. I absolutely hate when surf mags try to bring politics into their mags. Stop it already. Keep the stoke and leave the politics for CNN and FoxNews.

  • Dave

    Bogus writing for sure, a country may have awesome waves but that has nothing to do with the quality of leadership, infrastructure or anything else really so keep to surfing and leave the political BS out of it. Good grief