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Eastern Surf Magazine is published 8 times annually — that's one issue every six weeks. ESM delivers the highest quality photos and editorial to legions of diehard waveriders — and now you can get ESM delivered right to your doorstep!

One-year personal subscriptions are available for $20. (ONE issue every six weeks) US only - contact for overseas subscriptions. You can order your personal subscription now by using a credit card through PayPal. Or mail a check to: Eastern Surf Magazine, P.O. Box 33575, Indialantic, FL, 32903

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Since 1991, Eastern Surf Magazine has proven time and again that the ESM brand stands for the highest quality in-depth journalism both in the written and photographic realm. We are the most trusted and widely read publication for East Coast coverage on the market. Eight times a year, every six weeks, ESM can deliver a minimum of 50 (FREE magazines for your customers) — that's 400 mags a year. We will also market your shop on our online Dealers List, with appropriate links back to your website! Subscription rates simply help to incur part of the shipping costs. ESM is not profiting on the rates. Our goal is to support you getting customers into your shop!

To carry a box of the hottest All East Coast magazine in your store, contact our Business Manager Trish Dugan at (321) 729-6121 or fill out the form below and you will be contacted for rates in your area.


Issue #200 • May 2017

World Travel Issue
Summer Buyer’s Guide
Art and $ Due: March 15
Street Date: April 19

Issue #201 • June 2017

Photo Issue
Summer Issue #1
Art and $ Due: April 26
Street Date: May 31

Issue #202 • August 2017

Who Da Guy Issue
Summer Issue #2
Art and $ Due: June 7
Street Date: July 12

Issue #203 • September 2017

Green Issue
Fall Board Forum
Surf Expo Distribution
Art and $ Due: July 19
Street Date: August 23

Issue #204 • October 2017

Fall Issue
Wetsuit Buyer’s Guide
Art and $ Due: August 30
Street Date: October 4

Issue #205 • November 2017

Hurricane Issue
Holiday Buyer’s Guide
Art and $ Due: October 11
Street Date: November 15

Issue #206 • January 2018

Winter Issue
Surf Expo Distribution
Art and $ Due: November 22, 2017
Street Date: January 3, 2018

Issue #207 • March 2018

Surfboard Issue
Spring Board Forum
Art and $ Due: February 7
Street Date: March 7