• subtitle: Throw Down For Danny Round Two Raises Another $15,000 For Injured New Jersey Surfer Danny Margagliano

Written by  Nick McGregor
Tuesday, 10/23/12

The Throw Down for Danny Round Two, hosted by the Bricker family, was a huge success on Sunday, October 14th at the Ocean City Yacht Club in Ocean City, NJ. The event raised over $15,000 for South Jersey native Danny Margagliano to help him get the proper rehabilitation he needs to get out of his wheelchair and back on his feet. The first event, held this May, and this follow-up, has now raised over $48,000 from Danny’s native New Jersey supporters to help the Margagliano family in their time of need.

More than 250 attendees showed up on October 14th to see Danny and his family, who traveled up from their home in Florida. And it was an incredible show of support for someone who hasn’t lived in the local New Jersey area in over 15 years. An extremely special guest and lifelong supporter, Danny’s 90-year-old grandmother, showed up for this gathering, supporting her grandson through thick and thin. And Danny was taken aback by having so many of his closest friends, family members, and supporters showing up to the festivities. “I can’t believe the show of support up here in Jersey,” Danny said at one point during the evening. “There are people here I haven’t seen since high school. It’s really amazing to see how much everyone cares, and I feel truly blessed they all showed up to help.”

Danny Margagliano was born and raised in Upper Township and was widely regarded as one of New Jersey’s greatest surfers in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Although Danny and his family moved to Florida several years ago, with Danny working as a firefighter and Realtor, he’s still considered an icon in the New Jersey surfing arena. For those that don’t know, in April, Danny sustained a devastating spinal cord injury, which paralyzed him. His wife April, son Ethan, and daughter Summer have been affected greatly by this tragic accident and are currently struggling. With help from friends and family, they’ve been keeping their spirits high.

Much of the money raised at Thrown Down For Danny Round 2 will be used to get Danny back to a facility called Project Walk in Atlanta, where his rehabilitation will continue. The main focus on Project Walk is to get people out of wheelchairs and walking again. They perform very aggressive physical training and help patients stand with weight-bearing exercises. The cost is $100 per hour, four hours a day, five days a week, and is incredibly important during the early stages of someone like Danny’s fight. Studies prove that the first year after an accident occurs is when patients have the best chance of regaining movement throughout the body. The Margagliano family plans on making four two-week trips to Atlanta in the next six months.

They may also return to Shepherd Center in Atlanta for further outpatient rehabilitation, which also costs $100 an hour. On top of the cost of the rehab, Danny and his family are incurring large travel, food, and lodging expenses. Danny and April are not able to work while rehabilitation is taking place due taking part in structured programs in Atlanta, and insurance will not cover the associated costs. So out-of-pocket expenses for Margagliano are adding up to over $25,000, which is the reason why the New Jersey surf community and Danny’s friends and family all over the country continue to help out. Special thanks go out to all those who attended Throw Down For Danny Round 2, along with those sponsors who donated raffle items and the volunteers who made it such a massive success. It could have never happened without you!

If you’d like to help out, contact Nick Bricker at or at 609-231-1562.

You can mail donations to Thrown Down For Danny, 331 Stagecoach Rd., Marmora, NJ, 08223; make checks payable to Ocean City FMBA Local 27. Or you can donate directly at


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