• subtitle: With Volcom Signing On As Title Sponsor Of Unsound Surf Pro New York, We Take A Look Back At This East Coast Contest Staple

Written by  Nick McGregor
Wednesday, 6/11/14

Long Beach, NY’s, UnsOund Pro has gone through countless iterations over the past 16 years: scrappy …Lost-sponsored surf jam, WQS event attracting top west coast talent, big-dollar Oakley-backed East Coast circuit staple, Nike 6.0-supported ASP Pro Junior contest, million-dollar Quiksilver-funded World Championship Tour blowout, skins-style shindig, and back to its grassroots in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Now, in 2014, Volcom has come onboard to support the UnsOund Pro NY, which is scheduled for September 18th-21st at Lincoln Blvd. in Long Beach. No doubt a by-product of the company laying down a solid Northeast foundation by investing in New York pride and joy Balaram Stack last year, the deal is made even sweeter by serving as the company’s first full foray into a co-sponsored event on the East Coast. 

“We are thrilled to present the 2014 Unsound Surf Pro NY,” said Brad Dougherty, Volcom’s VP of Surf, in a press release. “There is a rich history attached to this prestigious event, which is considered one of the best contests in North America. Volcom is excited to collaborate with Unsound Surf Shop and we are looking forward to bringing the surf community together in Long Island for a special experience.”

Of course, plenty of credit goes out to Unsound co-owners Mike Nelson and Dave Juan, who’ve fought to keep this event alive over 17 years of ups and downs, along with losing their store and their homes in Hurricane Sandy. “We are extremely excited to bring this level of surfing back to Long Beach," Dave Juan said. “We have such an amazing group of professional surfers on the East Coast who can’t wait to compete with international professionals from all over the world. And having Volcom as our title sponsor, who bring their youthful energy into the event, couldn’t be a better situation.”

Naturally, Balaram is stoked too — both to his major sponsor investing in his hometown and longtime shop supporter, but also to throw down a four-figure cash prize in the specialty Balaram Stack Strong Island Big Air event. “Every year, the Unsound Surf Pro is one of my favorite contests,” he said. “Not only is it in my backyard, it’s the most fun week of the year — maybe even better than the U.S. Open of Surfing, which I thought would be impossible. It’s just a good time with great friends — pretty much all I could ask for in a contest.”

Other big sponsors include SPY Optic — and of course hurricane season, which has delivered some of the best waves ever seen for East Coast events in Septembers past. We couldn’t put it any better than the Unsound Surf Pro NY press release did: “The groin-gutted beachbreaks of Long Beach are strategically positioned to go off — facing south to welcome any long-range energy that may be stirring up in the tropics this time of year, the historic peak of Hurricane Season. In other words, Long Beach is a wave magnet, a tube lab, and therefore the ideal stage for what could be the most captivating show of high-performance surfing the East Coast has seen since the first, and last, time the ASP World Tour landed here in 2011 (the Quiksilver Pro New York). In fact, given the potential this place has to blow cannonballs of spit and break surfboards like parking ordinances — the 2014 Unsound Surf Pro NY presented by Volcom could be even more exciting.”

For more information, visit www.UnsoundSurf.com

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