• subtitle: Seacow Surf Series Brings Plenty Of Fun While Selecting Top East Coast Groms For VQS Championships

Written by  Allison Arteaga
Wednesday, 12/11/13

TURF: 2013 Volcom VQS Seacow Surf Series; New Smyrna Beach Inlet, New Smyrna Beach, FL; December 7th, 2013

ENERGY: Top East Coast groms duking it out in small but clean conditions. High level of competition in the water, kids gleefully throwing hotdog toppings on each other out of the water. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. There was cash money and qualification for the really awesome, super fun VQS Championships on the line. The Seacow Surf Series is the second-to-last East Coast VQS qualifying event, with the final stop coming up on March 8th in Puerto Rico.

FIRST TIME AT FIGHT CLUB: What’s old is new again. Haven’t you heard of retro? The novelty at this year’s Seacow event was record crowds, the likes of which haven’t been seen since before the VQS switched to an all-youth format in 2012. “We had a huge turnout,” said Volcom ringleader Daniel Terry. “About a year and a half ago, we changed the tour from being for all ages to 20 and under to focus on the younger surfers. The first year we did that, we had low turnouts. It would be about 50 or 60 people in an event, which was weird because, in previous years, we had so many people that we had been struggling to even get the event done in a day. This year, it’s like we’re finally going back to those old days of having lots of people in our events, but it was special because now it’s all kids, so there was a different dynamic and it was really rad. Also, it was nice seeing a lot of out-of-town faces coming to that event. Jacob Burke was there from Barbados, Jonah Carter was there from California, and Micha Cantor and Luke Gordon were there from South Carolina. The kids from South Carolina drove 10 hours to get to that event, and to me, that’s pretty cool that they were doing that to get qualified for the championships.”

SLIDE: What’s even cooler than kids being willing to spend an entire day traveling to get to your contest? The fact that it actually paid off for some of them. Luke Gordon won a tight Groms division final over Central Florida’s Tommy Coleman, qualifying himself for the VQS Championships later this year. “It just seemed like a really fun event, and it’s in New Smyrna Beach, which always has good waves, so I wanted to go see how it was,” said Gordon of his rationale for loading up the car and heading down to the Sunshine State. “It was a really cool contest for us younger kids. There were a lot of young competitors my age who were really good, and it seemed like in the finals it was just whoever got the best wave was the one who was going to place the highest. I’m stoked that I’m qualified now. I can’t wait to go compete with all the other kids.”

Luke was one of several major standouts this year, according to Daniel Terry. “The top one for me would probably be Matt Zaccaria from Daytona Beach, who won Juniors,” Terry said. “Last year when he showed up to this contest, I didn’t really know who he was, but he impressed me, and he did it again this year. He won Juniors and also the Electric Volt Thrower Award for this tweaked frontside three that was the best thing I saw all day. The competition was also really great between Tommy Coleman and Luke Gordon. Those two are part of this young pack of really impressive surfers, and then [Pro-Am winner] Noah Schweizer surfs really, really good, too. I don’t even know what else to say about him.”

Rossi Klein also looked cool as a cucumber while she confidently took out a stacked girls field, and Kaleb Kirshenbaum won the Squids division, featuring the contest’s tiniest rippers.

THE PAIN: Several things. First of all, it’s no fun to travel all the way from North Carolina or the Caribbean only to get put out in an early round, as Knox Harris and Jacob Burke experienced. But the worst pain of all was had by a man who foolishly decided to drink four cups of coffee before spending an entire day sitting on a stretch of beach with absolutely no nearby restrooms. Bad call, Daniel Terry. Bad call.

THE MAN: This one goes out to Matt Zaccaria, the day’s greatest dark horse performer. Also, whoever invented the condiment-throwing fights that always seem to break out at these contests is pretty much a genius. And, as usual, thanks also go out to all the contest organizers who worked hard to put together such a fun event for the kids. See you all in Puerto Rico this March!



1. Noah Schweizer

2. Jonah Carter

3. Daniel Glenn

4. Merrick Cunningham

5. Josh LaSalle

6. Wiley Robinson


1. Matt Zaccaria

2. Cobie Gittner

3. DJ Buchanan

4. Nick Groshell

5. Mathew Glenn

6. Michael Romano


1. Rossi Klein

2. Sydney Corbitt

3. Caroline Marks

4. Braydon Cunningham

5. Sophie Falzone

6. Jazmine Dean


1. Luke Gordon

2. Tommy Coleman

3. Robbie McCormick

4. Chase Elmore

5. Micha Cantor

6. Blake Elmore


1. Kaleb Kirshenbaum

2. Ryan Huckabee

3. William Hedleston

4. Zion Hernandez

5. Braden Kopec

6. Kai Delorenzo

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