Since 1991, Eastern Surf Magazine has proven time and again to our readership — and you the advertiser — that the ESM brand stands for the highest quality in-depth journalism, both in the written and photographic realms. From the time Volume #1, Issue #1 hit surf shops, ESM has remained the most trusted and widely read publication for East Coast coverage on the market. And it is that absolute trust placed in us by our fiercely loyal readership that will help you sell your product to a large discretionary-income-spending demographic for surfing-related products. We represent the entire East Coast with the most accurate and thorough coverage, making our two grassroots media outlets totally unique in the extremely crowded field of surf outlets — and the best choice for your advertising campaign.



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350+ surf shops, retailers, and colleges in 20 states and provinces











Eastern Surf Magazine empowers you, the advertiser, with a proven, cost-effective method for marketing your product to both consumers and retailers on the East Coast, providing the inside track to a sizeable segment of the U.S. surf industry buying market. Our specialized distribution strategy combined with large page format and unparalleled reader allegiance assures that when you advertise in ESM or on, you will achieve instant credibility and visibility, whether you’re a large, internationally established corporation or a small, grassroots start-up.

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